• Secure Keygen

Generate a keyfile containing an access token derived from a secret specific to your user account and securely signed with an elliptic curve algorithm using a master key to prevent forgery. Keyfiles may be encrypted with a secondary passphrase for additional security.

• Easy for End Users

Connect to any game (or other) service for the TI-84+ CE that supports TInyAuth and your credentials are extracted from your keyfile with no user input required.

• Easy for Developers

Service developers can use CryptX to extract credentials on the client and a simple POST request on the server to authenticate user credentials with TInyAuth.


The server was audited against the CIS (Center for Internet Security) Server Level 2 benchmark via OpenSCAP. In addition a penetration test was launched against the server as well as this resource. The full audit report is available by request.

Last Audit: Friday, Sept 1, 2023
Compliance Score: 90%
Audit Frequency: monthly

In addition the backend code powering the key generation and authentication has been seperately audited using Snyk and shows no code vulnerabilities.